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El Legado Materno

Video 2017


The Mother Legacy, a manual for life, is a project that talks about the relationship of the parents with the sons and the social heritage they seek to convey. In this case, the project materializes the expectations that a mother has towards her daughter through video-tutorials on how things should be done such as order and cleaning within the home.


What ideologies do we choose to accept, question, acquire or forget? What maternal or paternal aspects have shaped us?


The family is composed by ideologies, and sometimes the parents seek to transmit them as a photocopy to the sons. Sometimes they can become into social impositions, without allowing an individual exploration.


The ideologies are important: to be able to contemplate the legacy, to see its potential, to discover the individual voice, in order to generate a dialogue between them and to evolve with it. This gives recognition and differentiation between two people, the parent and the son.


At the end, we take the teachings coming from the manual of life, and we repeat the cycle to continue the tradition, or we transform it.


9 videos

Duration:  1 to 3 minutes

Release year: 2017
HD /color

Director, producer and editor / Mariana Estrella.

DP / Cintia Duran

Art Director / Liud Medina

Sound / Juan Pablo Hermosillo

Sound Design / Sandra Villarreal

Actress / Cyneli Chávez

All rights reserved © Mariana Hernández Estrella, 2017.


Screenshot of the nine video-tutorials

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