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Video Installation 2007


The Eros and Thanatos is a dichotomy: life and death, being present both of them in some situations. These concepts may have different readings. People give them meaning and perceive them differently according to their lifes, their experiences, their culture, environment and religion. Many see life where others see death.
The installation shows this theme with an experimental and poetic video inside a phone cabin. The phone is a basic media, common to many people, where news, feelings and emotions are passed, where Eros and Thanatos also is lived.



Duration :00:05:40 min.

Release year: 2007
Digital /color

Direction, Production, DP, Edition / Mariana Estrella.

Music Israel Martínez y Piscis.

All rights reserved © Mariana Hernández Estrella, 2008.


Part of the video installation. Inside of the cabin, the video is being played. It has two phones inside, in which the spectator can hear sounds that are part of the work.

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