Medical Box proposes a model of internet television. The TV takes up the tools of the Internet, to thereby generate a new television format, where the viewer takes an interactive dimension. The theme in which the first exploration of this television media will be medicine.

Medical Box aims to be an Internet TV channel where specialists from different fields of medicine congregate, with the intention of creating different tools, such as TV shows, documentaries, research, conference coverage, interviews, among others. Thus, creates networks of information enabling us to make progress on issues of health in Mexico and around the world, and also making available to society in general, information that is useful in preventing diseases

Today Medicalbox website was restructured as an Audiovisual producer  of medicine.

Credits: Direction & General Production. 2009-2010.
All rights reserved © Mariana Hernandez Estrella, 2009.



Stills TV show Pilot. 

Medicalbox takes up the links and the interactivity and transfers them to video. Thus, while the user is watching a video, he can "click" on a word to find its meaning. In the video there are buttons, once the user clicks, playback stops and a window inside the video appears with the definition of the word, when he closes the window, the video continues playing.


Stills TV show Pilots.


Medical Box has two television pilots. One focused on the information and the other focusing on research.



Credit: Cintia Durán.


Photography produced for the web.