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In our daily journey we are exposed  to small or large events that are changing our journey in various ways, whether in thoughts, habits, feelings, emotions or just reflections. These events can be sounds, images, actions, or the intersection of glances or words with a stranger. This might provoke new experiences and new paths.

In which way we ARE the sum of  experiences and events  that have been part of our lives? How much are we responsible for interventions in the life of others?

Today we are, and perhaps in a time, we will not be the ones that we were.



​Note: It is required the use of headphones, because of the high audio frequency. In normal speakers would be saturated.

Duration: 00:08:30 min.

Release year: 2011
Projection - DVD / Color.


Direction, Photography, Production, Editing  / Mariana H. Estrella.

Sound Design: Sandra Villarreal

All rights reserved © Mariana Hernández Estrella, 2011.



As part of the installation, there is a camera that is connected to a monitor. This monitor works as a mirror to the spectator, so he can discover himself as part of that instant.


Vinyl cut. Part of the video installation. 

Text Translation

November 15th 2011

Sturdy man. Swarthy. Dark brown hair. 40 to 45 years.

December 16th 2011

I feel the need to see him everyday

​January 17th 2012

"Dead Body found; supposed was hypothermia"


Photographic record of MORPHOLOGY OF A TIME at the collective exhibition named “TRANSITION”  in the Raul Anguiano Museum (Guadalajara, Mexico). June to September 2012. Organized by  Generador Proyectos Fotográficos

Video Opening  of "Morphology of a Time", within the collective exhibition"Transición" . Raul Anguiano Museum.

And the work came to life ...
A woman in a specific time and place has made this work  complete.
During the inaguration, a woman, a complete stranger to me, approached me, grabbed my arm, led me outside the museum, and said: "I know the man that appears in the video ...." Those words were enough to move everything around, to make this work come to life  and have sense; finally discovering ourselves in the eyes of eachother and finding us not so strangers.

We talked for a while. She said: " I always wanted a picture of him or something, and now suddenly I find it here, in a video, in a museum ... "

Anyway, time, intersections, glances, experiences and paths; every moment a new meaning is generated.

Later I had the opportunity to talk to her. Here is a small sample. Duration: 00:00:52

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