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Photography / Video 2015


We are individuals that walk many paths all the time. It´s a continuous quest of internal or external signs that tell us where to look, where to give the next step in our own path.  Although there are individual paths, we are part of something bigger: a collectivity.

There are two languages used: Photographic and Audiovisual. Photographs function as signals. The video´s function is to show human beings, both, individually and collectively. Each one following a path with their own rythm.


Both languages complement each other, one suggests scenarios and the other suggests movements.




Release year: 2015
HD /color

Directing and editing / Mariana Estrella.

Sound Design / Sandra Villarreal

All rights reserved © Mariana Hernández Estrella, 2015.


Chromogenic Print

23.62 in x 31.50 in

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